Foreign Conspiracy Behind Cloudburst, Doubts KCR

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao visited the flood-affected Bhadrachalam and surrounding areas this afternoon. He also interacted with the displaced people lodged in the relief camps and announced a solatium of Rs 10,000 per family. He also promised them free rice and essentials when they return home.

Speaking on the occasion, KCR expressed doubt that cloudbursts could be a conspiracy by the foreign countries to destabilize the economy of the country. Cloudbursts led to floods in Godavari region, he said, adding that foreign sources did a cloudburst in Leh-Ladakh region first and then in Uttarakhand. Now, they hatched a conspiracy of cloudburst in Godavari region, he said.

KCR held a meeting with the people’s representatives and higher officials and took stock of the flood situation.

On the Kadem dam, KCR said that it was a miracle that the project withstood the heavy floods. The maximum capacity of the dam is 2.90 lakh cusecs but during the floods it reached 5 lakh cusecs and surprisingly, it withstood that pressure, he said.

KCR was forced to cancel his plan of an aerial survey of Bhadrachalam due to the inclement weather. He travelled by road and tried to assess the damage due to the floods.