‘Defeat Naidu In Kuppam’, Jagan Offers Ministry

YCP chief YS Jagan has commenced meeting his party cadre of every constituency in AP from Thursday and he kicked off this meeting with TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu’s constituency, Kuppam. In this meeting Jagan set a big goal for the party activists and also made a big promise to the candidate who defeats Naidu.

“I would reckon Kuppam as my own constituency and I will be supporting the development of this place in every way possible. In another two days, I would grant Rs 65 crore for Kuppam municipality and I will ensure the works commence immediately,” said Jagan.

Drawing a comparison of Kuppam development with the previous TDP government, Jagan added that his government has laid special focus on this constituency. “After YCP formed the government, Kuppam saw remarkable growth hence people voted for YCP in the local body elections. In the next main elections, vote for Bharat and elect him, I will give him ministry,” informed Jagan to the YCP cadre of Kuppam.

Jagan also promised a big role for Kuppam RESCO chairman GS Sendil Kumar. “If Bharat defeats Naidu in the Assembly polls, I would offer the MLC seat to Sendil Kumar and ministry to Bharat,” stated Jagan categorically.

MLC Bharat accused BJP MP CM Ramesh of stopping the construction of Handrineeva branch canal. “Ramesh has contract for construction of the canal but he stopped it in the best interest of Chandrababu Naidu. CM Jagan will cancel the contract and call for fresh tenders. Once the canal gets completed, YCP’s graph in Kuppam constituency would go up,” opined MLC Bharat.

However in this very meeting, former sarpanch and YCP leader Murali expressed his disappointment on the party. “Influential families within Kuppam are taking away three to four roles while party activists who worked hard are being snubbed. If such things continue, YCP will not even win 75 seats in the next elections,” said Murali.

Irrespective of Murali’s arguments, Jagan has bet huge on Kuppam and the onus is on Bharat and minister Peddireddy Ramchandra Reddy who was and is instrumental in Kuppam YCP.