YCP Minister Calls It ‘Kamma’ Janasena

The dialogue war between YCP and Jana Sena seems to be a never ending episode. From Jana Sena, Pawan is doing a solo fight against the YCP government whereas from the ruling party, CM Jagan, ministers and MLAs, collectively hit back at Pawan.

The independence’s speech of Pawan is still creating unrest in the YCP camp. IT minister Gudivada Amarnath retorted with a caste angle in Pawan’s criticism. “Kapu community is not with Jana Sena or Pawan as it is being promoted. In fact Pawan is working in the best interest of TDP and Chandrababu Naidu. We can call it ‘Kamma’ Jana Sena Party,” said Amarnath.

The YCP minister adviced Nara Lokesh not to drag CM Jagan’s wife YS Bharati into politics. “Lokesh seems to have worries with his wife Brahmani and so he is trying to drag Bharati garu. He can solve his marriage issues with his father and father-in-law Balakrishna. It is completely unnecessary to drag Bharati garu. If we reply with the same intensity, both Chandrababu and Lokesh will again cry before the media and pro-TDP press will deliberately create a huge storm with their influence,” said Amarnath.

On the investments, the YCP minister defended that it’s the work of the Jagan government. “In TDP’s regime, Gorkhas (security guards from Nepal) who are working in Vizag, were brought and displayed a drama that they signed MoUs and would invest hugely. But none of TDP’s MoUs and agreements have materialised. We are sincerely putting an effort in drawing the investments and industries and unable to digest our work, TDP is shaming us,” stated Amarnath.

Irrespective of this verbal war, AP is getting investments and hope the ruling and opposition parties don’t spoil the atmosphere for the investors.