Thaggedhele.. YCP Minister’s Photoshoot

Gudivada Amarnath

The TDP trolled minister Gudivada Amarnath’s photoshoot, the working stills of which got leaked on the social media.

The minister’s poses for the photoshoot included getting down the car, waving to the crowd sporting his uber cool sunglasses, etc.

Soon the TDP began asking if the minister was interested in trying his luck in films. A few netizens even mocked at the minister for doing photoshoots while it could have been better if he had done something worthwhile for the state.

According to sources, many politicians are maintaining photographers to make the public know about their activities on the social media. It is acceptable if the minister would have confined himself to that but Amarnath had gone a step ahead and did a photoshoot on the lines of film heroes.

The TDP cadre also reminded that Amarnath was interested in showing off his stature when he was an MLA too. His convoy used to have three cars in the front and three more behind, all of them in jet black colour.

Now, with his position being elevated to a minister, one can understand his enthusiasm for a photoshoot but the public too began mocking at him for it.

Amarnath was inducted as a minister recently and he is also in the good books of Jagan. There is buzz that he would be given the party ticket in the 2024 elections too.

In such a situation, it would have been better if the minister could have not gone overboard, said the public.

Moreover, he is facing opposition from a rival group in the party in his constituency. The minister should focus on checking the onslaught of the rival group and also try to improve his political mileage by doing something good to the electorate, suggested the TDP leaders.