‘TS’ to ‘TG’ On Number Plates, If..

Telangana PCC chief A. Revanth Reddy said that the Congress would revert to the old practice of TG (Telangana) abbreviation in the registration numbers on vehicles. Revanth said that after the TRS came to power, it replaced the TG with TS (Telangana State) only to suit with the TRS party. No other state in the country has ‘state’ in the alphabet component in the vehicle registration number, Revanth pointed out. TS is TRS without the ‘R’ in between, he said.

The Congress leader also said that the party would revive the patriotic song written by Andesri and make it the state’s anthem at the official programmes, he said.

All these resolutions have been adopted marking the Vajrotsavalu of Telangana Liberation to be observed on September 17.
The Congress would also transform the rich-looking Telangana Talli statue to reflect the sentiments of Telangana people.
He said the Congress was also planning to get a flag designed exclusively for the state, on the same lines as the national flag.

Revanth also charged KCR and his party cadre with changing the narrative of Telangana struggle and trying to glorify himself as the founder of the state forgetting that Telangana is a part of the Indian democracy and it took shape only after their party chief and the then AICC president Sonia Gandhi took the initiative.

All these resolutions would tke shape only if the Congress gets voted to power in the next elections.