AP Judges’ Phones Tapped? AP Govt Reacts Seriously

This morning a few media channels have reported that the AP government has tapped the phones of judges of the High Court and a secret watch is being done by the state government. It all started with an unnamed advocate’s phone is reportedly getting hanged frequently.

As per the advocate, he received a web-service link to his WhatsApp messenger and when he clicked the link, the phone’s control went into a third party. Since then the phone was getting stuck regularly and calls were getting diverted, messages were being read without notice. Like so about six advocates complained of similar issue.

These reports went viral and took the AP government sources by storm. The state government was quick enough to react to these claims and denied anything as such. “There is no secret watch on High Court judges or on the judicial system. The media reports are absolutely baseless. The government will not tolerate such reports and a serious action would be taken against spreading such news,” said the AP government sources.

Further the government suspected a conspiracy to create a rift between the state government and the judicial system.

In recent times, the AP High Court has overturned many decisions of the YCP government like the Nimmagadda case. But the AP government argues why would any state government do such things.

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