‘Buffoon Lokesh, Inefficient Naidu’, Says Ambati About Unstoppable

The first episode of actor Nandamuri Balakrishna’s popular talk show Unstoppable with NBK Season 2 evoked much criticism from the ruling YCP as two of his close relatives, who also are politicians, made entry as guests on it.

NBK’s son-in-law Lokesh, his brother-in-law and TDP boss N.Chandrababu Naidu were the guests interviewed by the actor on the show. The public anticipated some discussion on the 1995 political upheaval in Andhra Pradesh and Naidu made a mention of it. The ‘backstabbing’ by Naidu was not discussed in detail but NBK also made a comment saying that Naidu was right in ‘usurping the TDP’ from the clutches of NTR at that point of time.

YCP leader and minister Ambati Rambabu made an analysis of the episode and termed Lokesh as a buffoon, NBK as an inefficient man and Naidu as one who had no speciality but remained the CM for 14 years and has over 45 years experience in politics.

This led to talk that Ambati’s comments on the episode were unwarranted. All that happened was in the family and when they are happy with Naidu, why should the YCP men worry and keep insulting NTR’s family, the TDP sympathisers asked.

NBK and Naidu are relatives and they have become much more closer by marrying off their children with each other. Ambati said that Naidu appeared on the Talk Show with an aim to wash himself off the blood stains after ‘backstabbing his father-in-law’. Naidu does not do anything without any benefit, the YCP leader said.