Balakrishna Visits Flood Affected Areas In Hindupur

Nandamuri Balakrishna is currently in the news as his Unstoppable with NBK show is trending top. The first episode is a big hit, and the promo of the second episode is also creating a special interest. Recently, some hijras approached the cops in Hindupur and filed a case that their MLA Balakrishna is missing.

It was their way of showing protest that the MLA is not visiting the constituency. But Balakrishna has toured Hindupur now. With Andhra Pradesh receiving a severe rainfall alert, Balakrishna visited the flood-affected areas.

In many areas of Hindupur, there are several places where water logging has affected the functioning of livelihood. The water blocked many roads and reached knee level.

Balakrishna, along with the regional party leaders and officials, visited the flood-affected areas. He instructed the officials to carry out all necessary activities to normalize the situation and bring everything to control.