Opposition Is Not Dead In India!

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra is evoking good response from the public indicating that the major Opposition party in the country is not dead. RaGa’s yatra entered into the 53rd day today and suddenly, Rahul began the countdown and ran for a short distance in the name of ‘Fitness for Bharat Jodo’ during his walkathon in Mahbubnagar district, which invigorated the party cadre. Party’s Telangana unit president A. Revanth Reddy, who was accompanying Rahul, also joined and managed to win the race.

According to reports, RaGa’s yatra is gradually catching pace as people are thronging in large numbers for his public meetings. Having been termed as ‘Pappu’ by his rivals, Rahul could not give any hope to the public that he could lead the country. At times, his statements also turned controversial. When he said that corruption cannot be eliminated completely but only be reduced, there was immense opposition from his detractors over that remark.

Being a soft-spoken person, Rahul had been picturized as an inefficient man and his peace-loving nature was considered as timid. After the launch of the yatra, one can witness a change in Rahul’s behavior and demeanor. He has been mingling with the people, with all the security cover in place, and trying to know about their problems and also sensitizing them about the need to obey the Constitutional rules by interacting with the public. There is talk that RaGa has transformed into a man of courage and confidence now.

Before the launch of his walkathon, RaGa pointed out that the BJP had adopted the Britishers’ policy and was following the ‘divide and rule’ policy by segregating people on religious lines, which would prove treacherous for the country. He also lamented that the BJP was undermining the Constitutional bodies and said there was a need to unite the people and the country for which he would hit the road. As part of the yatra, Rahul would cover 12 states in five months by walking for 3,570 km.

RaGa does not appear to be power hungry, said a section of the public after interacting with him. The interesting tidbits from his yatra about not having any blisters or using sunscreen during his yatra also raised the curiosity of the people over how he was managing to be walking in the simmering heat.

In neighbouring Karnataka, Rahul even braved the rain and addressed a public meeting in the downpour in Mysuru. He made former CM Siddaramaiah run along with him by catching his hand. People surrounding them soon burst into cheers. Former AICC chief Sonia Gandhi also joined Rahul in Karnataka and his picture where he tied the lace of her boots, as a responsible child, went viral.

His tweets that the Congress had weathered many a storm and will overcome all challenges in the future reflected the optimistic attitude of the Congress leader. The good response to the Jodo yatra and Rahul’s transformation can give a new lease of life to the party in the coming days, say political observers.