PK Regrets For Helping Jagan Mohan Reddy

Political strategist and I-PAC founder Prashant Kishor lamented that he had wasted much of his time in helping politicians realise their ambitions and becoming the chief ministers. “It would have been better if I would have worked for the revival of Mahatma’s Congress than help politicians like Jagan Mohan Reddy and Nitish Kumar to realise their ambitions.”

PK’s remarks gain significance in the wake of the reports that Jagan Mohan Reddy would hire the political strategist’s I-PAC for the 2024 elections too. Having tasted success by joining hands with PK in the last elections, Jagan’s decision on strategic campaigning, under PK’s guidance, was anticipated.

During the 2019 elections, PK’s strategy helped YCP president Jagan Mohan Reddy clinch power. There was allegations by TDP that the ‘Kodi Katthi’ incident at Vizag airport was also scripted by PK which helped Jagan gain political mileage and some sympathy too. The ‘Raavali Jagan-Kaavali Jagan’ song also benefited the YCP in capturing people’s heart.

PK’s I-PAC worked very hard to ensure Jagan’s victory with its activists deployed in each of the 175 constituencies in the state and functioning in seamless coordination.

As Jagan’s party registered a thumping victory in the Assembly elections, the social media hailed PK as the ‘kingmaker’ and photos of Jagan and PK hugging each other went viral.

The sudden shift of PK from Jagan is something shocking to many political anlysts.

PK was speaking to the media at Lauria in West Champaran district in Bihar on Sunday when he made an interesting analogy about the BJP-RSS and a cup of coffee. He compared the BJP to the froth on the top and the RSS with the real coffee beneath. The RSS had already spread its roots into the society and cannot be beaten through a shortcut.

PK also said that it took him a very long time to realise that the ideology of Godse can be defeated only through revival of the Gandhi’s Congress, in an oblique reference to the alleged RSS links of the Mahatma’s assassin.