Centre Deadlines To Telangana, What about AP?

The government of India has served notices and two days deadline to Telangana government over details into diversion of funds. Going into the story, the GoI expressed its fury on the Telangana government over the irregularities in the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS).

Under this scheme, the GoI has sanctioned Rs.152 crores to Telangana government. However GoI learned that the funds were diverted to other schemes sponsored by Telangana sarkar. In the notices served the GoI asked the Telangana government to repay Rs 152 crore before November 30th else it would contemplate for necessary action. It said that if the Telangana government does not respond within the deadline, action will be taken as per Section 27 of the Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme Act.

If this is the case of Telangana, what about Andhra Pradesh. There are huge allegation by oppostiions on the YCP government in AP that it diverts almost every allocation sanctioned to the state and there are many flagship schemes of CM Jagan that are financially oriented. There are similar allegations on AP government too but very rarely, the GoI responded to them.

Political observers opine that since AP CM Jagan is maintaining good rapport with BJP bosses in Delhi, the GoI is least bothered about AP affairs. Whereas the BJP high command has laid full focus on Telangana and accordingly is attacking Telangana from every corner.

The Telangana government is yet to respond on these notices but the government is quite serious on the BJP government over its step-motherly treatment. Last week CM KCR alleged that because of the sanctions by the Modi government, Telangana lost Rs 40,000 crore.