The Wounds Of AP Are Becoming Big

Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar dug the old wounds of Andhra Pradesh bifurcation and added that the state was divided undemocratically without following any sections of the Indian constitution. Undavalli called the press to inform that the AP Bifurcation case will appear in the Supreme Court in February next year.

“I have been trying to prove my point that AP was bifurcation in the most atrocious manner and just when I thought I lost all the hopes, the bifurcation case will come for hearing in the Supreme Court,” said Undavalli and he found a strange argument on behalf of AP government that it doesn’t to reopen this case. “Advocate Abhishek Singhvi appeared for AP government in Supreme Court and he said that AP bifurcation bill is a Pandora box and it should not be reopened but should be buried,” added Undavalli.

“During the bifurcation, Jagan was the only person to support United AP but now he is fully supporting bifurcation. This surprised me a lot. Jagan was next to me in Parliament during the bifurcation and he did nothing. All the 16 MPs from Andhra were sent out of Lok Sabha and the bill was passed without any voting process,” stated Undavalli and he also disclosed that his intentions were not reunite the two Telugu states but the government of India has to accept that it committed a grave mistake in bifurcating the state.

Undavalli was also amazed by the BJP that it did not file counters in the Supreme Court in the bifurcation case. “The Supreme Court has given time till February 22nd and the Judge asked the Centre to file counters at least a week before,” said the ex Rajahmundry MP.

“AP remained as an agriculture based state post bifurcation because no industries or incentives were promised. When Venkaiah Naidu asked to grant Rs 10,000 crore for residuary AP, Congress MP Jairam Ramesh refused. AP is losing a lot and gained nothing in the last eight years. The wounds are becoming big and no party is seriously concerned about the state,” quipped Undavalli.

So the Supreme Court will decide whether to reopen the Pandora box or bury it. But the government of India has to acknowledge that a gamble had taken place for bifurcating AP. Will BJP accept it or throw the blame on Congress?