#IdemKarma: Mind Blowing Crowds

‘Idem Karma Mana Rashtraniki’, TDP’s ambitious door-to-door campaign to counter YSRCP’s ‘Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam’, has been getting a fabulous response from AP citizens ever since the 45-day tour was launched on December 1st. TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu himself has swung into action by organizing a huge protest meet in Ponnur, Guntur, on Thursday.

A massive sea of crowd had stormed Ponnur to participate in Babu’s meet. TDP’s official Twitter handle shared a few pictures from the event that show Chandrababu addressing a huge gathering.

In his speech, Babu blasted YS Jagan, saying that the CM is “throwing” just Rs 10,000 to people and is looting Rs 10,000 crores. “Jagan is not bringing welfare, but he’s bringing a huge crisis to the state,” the TDP President said.

Idem Karma Mana Rashtraniki has been designed by TDP’s election strategist Robin Sharma. He was also the brain behind TDP’s ‘Baadude Baadudu’ protest tour, which was a good success.

But today’s boisterous crowds at Babu’s Ponnur road show is proof enough that people’s growing intolerance towards YSRCP government is a harsh reality.