KA Paul Wants To Make AP Debt Free In 30 min

Speaking about the contemporary political situation in Andhra Pradesh, K.A. Paul has made some interesting comments about the debt of the state along with the behaviour of the political giants in the state. He said that they are very much twisted and self-drive and he is not the same.

“We’ll be contesting for 175 Assembly seats, 25 MP seats in the upcoming elections,” said Paul. “Chandrababu always looks out for his son rather than his people and every act & statement of his is to glorify his party not to serve people. Even Jagan failed the state after becoming the chief minister. he said he shall bring special status for the state if he won 25 MP seats and now, all he is doing massages to PM Narendra Modi. If he could give me 30 minutes of his time, I shall clear all the debts of the state and shall provide numerous jobs & business opportunities to the unemployed youth” commented Paul.

“People are understanding that voting to caste-driven parties is not fetching them anything and I shall be following the steps of Sr. NTR,” said Paul.