3 Died In Chandranna Kanuka Distribution

Chandranna Kanuka
Chandranna Kanuka

Even before one forgets the stampede incident at Kandukur, yet another tragic incident was reported at TDP Chandrababu Naidu’s public gathering event killing three people and many reported injuries.

In details, a give away was organised in Guntur under the supervision of Uyyur Foundation with the names ‘NTR Jantha Vastralu’ and ‘Chandranna Kanuka.’ Chandrababu was the chief guest of this event and he left the venue after addressing the public.

Learning that the organisers are distributing sarees, women large numbers thronged the venue. With sudden flow of women, the situation ran out of control resulting in a stampede.

Three women lost their lives while multiple people sustained injuries. The injured were admitted to Guntur government hospital and nearest private hospital.

According to the police nearly 30,000 people mostly women attended the event. As soon as Naidu left the venue, all the people seated reached the distribution stage causing chaos. The police are identifying the deceased and injured.