Modi’s Popularity Intact, NDA To Retain Power If Polls Held Now

PM Modi

Modi-led NDA government would retain power in the country if the Lok Sabha elections are held immediately, according to a survey by the India Today-C Voter. The ‘mood of the nation’ January edition survey also revealed that the BJP would win 284 MP seats while the Congress would confine to 68 seats and others would secure 191 seats.

The survey found that Modi’s popularity is intact and that 72% of the voters expressed satisfaction with his governance. Over 67% of the participants expressed happiness over the NDA government’s functioning. In August 2022, only 56% of the participants approved NDA’s governance which means it has increased by 11% now.

Similarly, in August 2022, the anti-NDA rating was at 37% which has reduced to 18%. The survey was held with 1,40,917 participants across the nation. In addition, C Voter interviewed 1,05,008 citizens through regular tracker.

When asked to elaborate on the successes of NDA, 20% voted for Covid management, 14% for scrapping Article 370, 12% for construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. Coming to the failures, 25% pointed towards price rise, 17% cited unemployment and 8% mentioned Corona management.

On Uniform Civil Code, over 69% responded in the positive saying it was necessary to be implemented while 57% felt that Hijab should be banned in schools and 26% said it was unnecessary.

The survey also found that the BJP was gaining strength in Telangana. While the BJP has 4 MP seats in the state, if elections were held immediately, the survey predicted that the party would win six seats.

To a question on if the coalition of Opposition parties would prove a challenge to Modi, 49% felt there would be an impact in 2022, while this time around, the percentage has reduced to 39.