Lokesh Trolls Jagan With ‘Bharati Ketchup’

TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh’s Yuva Galam is going unprecedentedly and this morning the Paadayatra has entered Palamaneru constituency. On Sunday, Lokesh Paadayatra passed through Shanthipuram Sunday market and here he got to interact with farmers.

While interacting with farmers, Lokesh raked up the promise of a ketchup factory by AP CM YS Jagan to the tomato farmers. “When in opposition, Jagan committed a big promise that his government would establish a ketchup factory that would change the fate of tomato farmers. What happened to the ketchup factory? Maybe Jagan is still searching for a suitable name for the factory and ‘Bharati (Jagan’s wife) Ketchup’ name sounds and looks good,” said Lokesh in a satirical manner.

The people and farmers who were with Lokesh laughed out loud on hearing ‘Bharati Ketchup.’ This comment by Lokesh has gone viral as the YCP government went on a renaming spree and initiated Jagan and YSR names for many schemes, educational institutions and others.