‘Vruksho rakshati rakshitaha’, Jagan Sir!

YCP rebel and Narasapuram MP K. Raghu Ramakrishna Raju slammed Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy for claiming to be a nature lover but getting trees cut down whenever he wanted to visit any place. This morning, Jagan attended a programme in Vinukonda and as part of the arrangements for the CM’s visit, many trees were cut down to tie the YCP flag as a road divider all through the path the CM’s convoy would pass, RRR said.

What is the need to tie the party flag for such a long distance? Trees look much better than the party flag, the MP said.

Trees are essential for human existence. ‘Vruksho rakshati rakshitaha’. If you protect trees, they provide protection to you. On one hand, he says Jagananna Haritha colonies are being developed ensuring greenery in the surroundings and on the other, he gets trees cut indiscriminately. Trees were cut down at Rishikonda too after the CM declared that Vizag would be made the executive capital of Andhra Pradesh, RRR said.

The MP also reminded that it was told that Jagan banned plastic flexis as the CM loved nature and wanted to protect it. “It is all trash. Button Mohan Reddy banned flexis as he does not want to look at the banners of the opposition parties.”

RRR urged the public and nature lovers to remove Jagan from power as he was proving harmful to the environment. Jagan claims to be a lion but he moves like a mouse, behind the clothes, the MP observed.

In Vinukonda, Jagan said that it is a war between the poor and the feudal lords. Jagan is the most richest in the state and a feudalist. In that case, should we consider it to be a war between Jagan and the poor, he asked.

The MP also criticised the CM for claiming to have done good to the SCs, STs, minorities and BCs even without giving them any prominent posts. Except for nominating them in corporations which do not have much funds, all the key positions are given to Reddys. Over 70-80 pc of the posts are given to only people of one caste, he pointed out.