Diversion Politics Behind Jagan’s Announcement?

Y S Jagan

Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s announcement that Vizag would be made the capital city soon and that he too would shift his base to the City of Destiny in 2-3 days is being viewed as a tactics to divert attention of both the media and public.

The sudden announcement has made political analysts rack their brain over what could have led to the move. Jagan made this announcement when he was in Delhi. He was speaking at the preparatory meeting of the Investors Summit scheduled to be held in Vizag next month. It would have been enough if he briefed about the investment opportunities in Andhra Pradesh. At best, he could have even said that Vizag is a safe haven for investors. Instead, he made an announcement about Vizag to be made the executive capital.

This is being viewed as a master plan by Jagan. YCP MP and Jagan’s relative Avinash Reddy was interrogated by the CBI in connection with their uncle Y.S. Vivekananda Reddy’s murder. Avinash disclosed that he had spoken to some people after the murder. He reportedly took the name of one Naveen, who has links with Jagan’s wife Bharati. Naveen lives in Vijayawada and now the murder case seems to be revolving around him, as per the media reports.

The media reports suggest Jagan and his wife Bharati have knowledge about the murder. To divert people’s attention from Viveka’s murder, the CM had made this announcement, said political observers.

He could be trying to shift the media focus from Viveka’s murder to the capital issue. The trifurcation of the capital is a contested issue. On making the announcement, the opposition parties, people’s organisations, capital region farmers and advocates will also begin issuing statements.