#WhoKilledBabai: Who Is Naveen? The Close Aide Of Jagan & Bharathi

Ever since Kadapa MP and CM Jagan’s cousin YS Avinash Reddy was grilled by CBI officials in relation to YS Viveka murder case, there have been media reports that the officials questioned Avinash Reddy over his frequent calls to one phone number on the day of Viveka’s brutal murder on March 15, 2019. The CBI had questioned Avinash Reddy for over 4 hours.

During this, Avinash Reddy revealed that one of the phone numbers on his dial list belongs to a person named Naveen. Avinash said he called Naveen to speak to his sister-in-law YS Bharathi, wife of CM YS Jagan. As per media reports, Avinash informed the CBI that Naveen stays in Vijayawada.

Meanwhile, the CBI questioned Avinash Reddy on another number in his dial list to which frequent calls were made. Avinash revealed that the second number he had called was to talk to his brother and CM Jagan. Avinash reportedly divulged these details to the CBI as part of its investigation.

Since this startling revelation by Avinash Reddy, all eyes are on who is Naveen. Naveen alias Hari Prasad happens to be a close aide of CM Jagan and wife YS Bharathi. Naveen’s family resides at Raja Reddy colony in Pulivendula. The family are loyalists of the YS family. Naveen’s family worked for YS Raja Reddy, grandfather of CM Jagan. Since then, Naveen’s family has had close ties with the YS family. Later, Naveen used to study and he got close to Jagan and worked for him in Bangalore. Subsequently, Naveen moved to Lotus Pond and worked for Jagan.

After CM Jagan shifted to Tadepalli residence, Naveen too shifted to Tadepalli. For the last 15 years, Naveen alias Hari Prasad has been working for Jagan. He is a helper to YS Bharathi. CBI officials have now shifted their focus on Naveen. They have started their inquiry into Naveen. A team of CBI officials visited Pulivendula on Monday to gather details about him. Since he is known as Hari Prasad, the investigating officials are accumulating information based on this name only. Meanwhile, Pulivendula is on high-alert with the investigation of YS Viveka’s murder case. The new vehicles and cars recognised in the small town are considered to be CBI’s vehicles.