#PhoneTapping: Kotamreddy Exposed Jagan & Co


Nellore Rural MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy’s allegations that his phone conversations were being tapped reached a flash point today and he presented the concrete evidence of it before the media. He said that he would not like to continue working with the YCP as he does not like to be with persons who suspect him. “I do not know how to pretend and hence, am revealing my intention to part ways with the YCP even when the elections are 15 months away. I can enjoy power for 12 months and then reveal my intention to quit the party but as I cannot pretend, I am doing it now.”

The MLA also said that he had told the intelligence officials that if he submitted the evidence of phone tapping, two IPS officers will face threat to their job and the state will also have to give an explanation to the Centre. Kotamreddy took exception to the YCP leadership replacing him and appointing a new person as Nellore Rural in-charge, without speaking or discussing with him.

Kotamreddy asked Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy if he would not get disturbed if he knew that the Centre was eavesdropping his conversations on phone. “It was the YCP leadership which was involved in phone tapping and on the top of it, YCP regional in-charge Balineni Srinivas Reddy says that there was no such thing done and that I am levelling the allegations only to switch loyalties to the TDP,” the MLA said.

The MLA also narrated the conversation between him and his friend, who is a contractor, before the media. He said that his friend raised the topic of IAS officer Rawat in the government and that the CM was close to him. Kotamreddy clarified that he uses an iphone and that his friend also uses the same. “We cannot record our calls but our entire conversation was recorded and I heard to it which means that the CM is getting our phones tapped. The Intelligence wing DG sent the recording to me,” Sridhar Reddy said.

If this is not phone tapping, then the CM should clarify what it should be called, Kotamreddy said. “It is not just the MLAs’ phones that are being tapped, ministers, judges, IAS officers, media managements, MPs are also vulnerable to this offence. I have been with the YSR family for the last three decades and could not withstand the suspicion,” he said.

Even YCP rebel K. Raghu Ramakrishna Raju also alleged that his phone conversations were being tapped. Why should the YCP government be involved in such mean acts when it is proudly claiming that it has the support of the public in the state, asked a TDP leader.