This Is The Biggest Problem In India: KTR

Telangana IT Minister KTR made some sensible comments. Speaking at NHDR’s Decode The Future event the other day, KTR asked why the leaders in India prioritise politics over economic growth. He admitted that the leaders in the country make policies to win power and governments work for winning elections. KTR said the youth of this country are aspiring for economic growth and progress. He stressed the need for employment creation.

Stating that India has a great pool of talent including the leaders, KTR said the leaders of the country are somehow failing to focus on economic growth owing to their constraints and their focus is centred on politics. He said throughout the year, some election is being held somewhere in India and the government’s focus is winning every election. He said this is the biggest problem the country is facing right now.

KTR also commented on the Union Budget 2023. He said the states have sent their desirable list to the Centre earlier. However, he said there are no significant allocations for the progress of the country. He said countries like China and Japan are racing ahead. Whereas India with over 60 percent youth population is lagging behind, said KTR. He said our youth should grow to the extent of creating jobs and employment instead of looking up to someone for the jobs.

KTR recently returned from the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. He led the delegation of Telangana state at the WEF where the CEOs and executives of several fortune companies attended. KTR hardsold Telangana at the Davos explaining the industrial-friendly policies of the state. KTR’s visit resulted in over 21,000 crore investments to the state, as per various media reports. KTR presented the growth story of Telangana and met the management of various global organisations and had interacted with them at the round-table conferences.