‘That will be Sajjala’s last day in YCP govt’

The episode of Nellore Rural MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy is bothering the YCP government and many of its leaders including ministers and MLA are denying any wrongdoing of the state government. From advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy to ex-minister Anil Kumar Yadav, they rejected Kotamreddy’s allegations of phone-tapping.

“Sajjala is giving leaks to the media that I will get arrested by the police. If I open my mouth and release the audio records in connection with the sand mafia and liquor business, that will be his last day in the YCP government. Sajjala should be watchful of his words against me,” warned Kotamreddy.

The Nellore MLA was disappointed with former minister Anil Kumar Yadav. “I did not betray CM Jagan and I was hurt by Anil Kumar Yadav’s comments. When he lost elections, I morally supported him. I treated as my own family member but never expected that he would target me,” added Sridhar Reddy.

After phone-tapping, Kotamreddy has accused CM’s advisor Sajjalla of having been involved in the sand mafia and liquor business. These are sensational allegations and in fact from the time Sajjala was appointed as the advisor, he has been playing an instrumental role in state government affairs.