You Are Bachcha In Politics, Don’t Target Pawan: Ex MP

Following the castigation of Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan by minister Gudivada Amarnath, former MP and senior Kapu leader Hari Ramajogaiah shot off a missive to the latter urging him not to ruin the future of Kapus.

In the letter, Ramajogaiah said that Amarnath sold himself for the ministerial berth. “You are a novice in politics and have to grow to great heights. Stop slinging mud on Pawan Kalyan. I am advising you to observe restraint as I wish a bright future for you.”

The letter was very crisp but it was strongly worded advising the minister to mind his words and stop denigrating Pawan Kalyan. This means even the senior Kapu leader is able to perceive that Kalyan is truly committed to the cause of welfare of the Kapus.

This letter is a shot in the arm for Pawan Kalyan as it would take his credibility a notch higher among the Kapu community and even among other sections of the electorate.

All the political parties in Andhra Pradesh are vying for the Kapu votes as they can act to be the deciding factor in the victory.