#RIPTarakaratna: Lakshmi Parvathy’s Cheap Politics!

There are certain limitations in politics and politicians should be aware of those boundaries. They shouldn’t use each and every situation for their political gain, especially a death. Noted politician and Sr. NTR’s wife Lakshmi Parvathy seems to have forgotten this rule. She is now making ugly politics around the death of Taraka Ratna.

Speaking to the media today, Lakshmi Parvathy stated that Taraka Ratna died long back but Chandra Babu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh hid this fact for their political gain. She said, “Doctors declared him (Taraka Ratna) dead long ago. Everyone know this fact when he suffered cardiac arrest. But they (Babu and Lokesh) have hidden the fact for their political gain. They must have felt that people will take it as a bad omen. Both Chandra Babu and Lokesh are the real bad omens. Everyone knows the truth.”

“I feel sorry for Taraka Ratna’s wife and children. I can feel their traumatic situation. Nandamuri family will not be saved until they stop these cheap politics,” she went on to add. These comments of Lakshmi Parvathy are now going viral all over social media.

Meanwhile, it was Lakshmi Parvathy who made this death political. A rival party leader like Vijaya Sai Reddy himself visited Taraka Ratna while the latter was in the ICU and said that the Nandamuri family is taking good care of him. What benefit do Chandra Babu Naidu and Lokesh get by hiding Taraka Ratna’s death for more than two weeks? Is Padayatra more important for them than the life of their family member? Netizens are pointing out these questions and are asking Lakshmi Parvathy to stop playing such cheap political games in such a gloomy situation.