#OneNationOneElections: KCR To Launch ‘Naya Bharat’?

Before the 2019 general elections, Telangana CM KCR had planned to bring a third cum Federal Front as an alternative to BJP and Congress. But in Modi’s wave, KCR’s plans got smashed. Yet the TRS boss did not stop his plans to bring the third front and now we hear that KCR is going to launch a national party.

The other day TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu categorically stated that ‘One Nation One Election’ might happen in 2022 and YSRCP would be taught a lesson in this. Telangana CM KCR too is getting information from the New Delhi that the BJP government is seriously planning ‘One Nation One Election.’

As time is less, KCR has speed up the works for his national party and from highly placed sources we hear that the party is ‘Naya Bharat.’ Regarding the party registration and symbol, KCR is said to have assigned the task to TRS leaders in New Delhi. Apart from this, KCR is holding talks secretly with other political parties in different states and is putting efforts to bring all of them under one roof.

Meanwhile, BJP is planning to bring something like the US Presidential elections. A committee has been appointed for the same and this committee will study various aspects of ‘One Nation One Elections.’ A Rajya Sabha MP from Gujarat is leading this committee.

So we are going to witness an overhaul in the electoral system in 2022!