KCR Declared Holidays: Registrations Stalled In Telangana

In a significant move, the Telangana state government has declared holidays to the Stamps & Registration Department of the state. As the state government is all set to bring a New Revenue Act, the government has decided to give a pause to the ongoing registrations. Meanwhile, reports are rife that the Telangana government is all set to scrap the VRO (Village Revenue Officer) system. The move is to root out the corruption in the Revenue department.

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar has directed the district collectors to take hand over of the records from the VROs today by 3 PM and asked them to submit to the government by 5 PM. With things moving at a fast pace, VROs expressed displeasure and dissatisfaction over ‘removing’ them. The Revenue Employees Association has demanded the state government to clarify on the position of VROs and their future course of action.

CM KCR has been raising his concerns over the corruption in the Revenue department. He has been openly stating that he would bring out reforms in the department to root out corruption. In fact, CM KCR has stated that tough actions would be taken and new reforms would be brought in the Revenue department during the Monsoon session of the Assembly last year. He had also stated that indulging in strikes would only cause “loss” to employees.

Currently, the registrations of plots, agricultural lands, apartments, villas and houses have been stalled. The government has declared status quo and asked the Stamps & Registrations department to shut its operations till the new Revenue Act is implemented.