AP BJP’s Disastrous Show Continues!

It is the party that has come to power for the second time in a row at the national level. Although the BJP wants to turn the wheel in Andhra Pradesh too, the party has achieved nothing so far. BJP benefited a lot when it paired with regional parties in AP but now there is absolutely no chance for the saffron force.

AP BJP leaders talk a lot and we should begin with its chief Somu Veerraju. His unilateral decisions and statements have brought trouble to the party and then we have second grade leaders who are unique in their own way. Some leaders like Telugu Desam and some others like Jana Sena. There lacks a clear coordination among the leaders and this is their real weakness that was exposed yet again in the MLC elections.

In the Uttarandhra Graduate MLC elections, the BJP has lost the sitting seat. Madhav who contested could not even secure his deposit. Shockingly invalid votes were more compared to the votes Madhav received. Disunity among the leaders on one side and lack of cadre has become a curse for BJP.

This result has caused a debate on Madhav’s victory in the last elections. Telugu Desam has supported him and the cadre really worked hard for his victory. It’s Somu Veerraju’s attitude that TDP has distanced from the BJP and in addition to that TDP contesting the MLC polls, resulted in BJP’s disastrous show. Now it appears that TDP doesn’t want to ally with the BJP.

Rubbing more wounds, the Jana Sena has stayed away from the BJP in the MLC elections. Jana Sena did not support any party while its chief Pawan Kalyan remained completely silent all throughout the elections. Political analysts say that the Jana Sena cadre lost confidence in BJP for not handing over the road map asked by Pawan.

Moreover the Kapu community in Uttarandhra region has started looking at BJP with suspicion. Janasena activists and fans have come to the conclusion that TDP is the only right partner for them. With that, the victory of the TDP candidate became easy.

Even though BJP’s Madhav is a decent person and has a reputation, it did not work in the elections. If this situation continues in the BJP, it will have even more tough days in Andhra Pradesh.