Khushbu’s Old Tweet On Modi Goes Viral: Refuses To Delete It

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was convicted in a defamation case by a court in Gujarat. He was sentenced to two years in jail and consequently, he was disqualified as an MP. The case was built on Rahul’s alleged comment, ‘How come all thieves have Modi as the common surname,’ which he made during Karanataka’s Kolar visit.

Many political parties and leaders condemned the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi and Congress brought up similar comments made by the BJP leader- film actress Khushbu Sundar.

Khushbu made a tweet, Yahan #Modi wahan #Modi jahan dekho #Modi..lekin yeh kya?? Har #Modi ke aage #bhrashtachaar surname laga hua hai..toh baat ko no samjho..#Modi mutlab #bhrashtachaar..let’s change the meaning of #Modi to corruption..suits better..#Nirav #Lalit #Namo = corruption..👌👌😊😊’ in 2018.

When Congress pointed at Khushbu’s tweet, the actress-politician said she won’t be deleting the tweet and that she is not ashamed of it.

Read Khushbu’s tweets here