Am I A Call Girl, Asks YCP MLA Sridevi

YCP leader and former MLA Undavalli Sridevi is peeved over her suspension as a legislator. She was pained to be suspended just because of suspicion.

“Our party leaders are claiming that I took Rs 15 crore from the TDP and voted for that party MLC candidate. Do they have any proof? Am I a call girl type woman? What nonsense are they talking,” she asked.

They can check my call data and then level the allegations. I too have self-respect and am pained by these charges. Don’t I have a character, she asked, in a choked voice.

The YCP says that the TDP had given money to me and three others for voting. In such a case, how much money has the YCP given to the TDP MLAs who are now moving close with the ruling party leaders? Being the ruling party, they will have adequate financial resources and in such a case, did they give Rs 100 crore to each TDP MLA, she asked and added that it was not fair to simply point fingers at others.

In fact, the YCP has four MLAs as gift to the TDP along with one MLC seat, she pointed out

Sridevi alleged that the YCP was discriminating Dalits and attacking them. She said that only her office was attacked by the YCP goons while the other three MLAs were spared. “Is it because I am a woman belonging to the SC community that they are targeting me,” she questioned.

The YCP goons cannot attack the offices of Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy, Mekapati Chandrasekhar Reddy or Anam Ramnarayan Reddy, she said.

The former Tadikonda MLA said that right from the day she joined the YCP, the party leaders had been trying to remove her from the capital region as she had been witnessing all the mafias being organised in that area by the ruling party. The YCP leaders are involved in sand mining and many other illegal activities in the capital region, she said.

“Following allegations of cross voting, the YCP goons are making threat calls. They had attacked my office. I am petrified to move on the road. It is the duty of my party boss and Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy to provide protection to me but our own party leaders are creating fear in me. There is Disha law to provide protection to women but I, though an MLA, am feeling insecure. In such a situation, how can a common woman feel protected?”

She said that she used to have a good income when she practised medicine than while being an MLA. I need not roam on the dusty roads just for my money. I can as well sit here and be a doctor diagnosing patients but I am serving people only to fulfil my father’s wish. I enjoyed a lavish life when I was a doctor. I am not after party tickets, she said.