Lakshmi Parvathi Attacks Balayya’s Wife!

Wife of NTR and YSRCP leader Lakshmi Parvathi has now targeted Nandamuri Balakrishna and his wife Vasundhara Devi. Lakshmi Parvathi made allegations of corruption on Balayya’s wife Vasundhara Devi and his former PA when TDP was in the government. She alleged that media reports too cited corruption allegations on Balayya’s wife Vasundhara and his then PA. She alleged that Balayya had not done anything for Hindupur assembly constituency though he got elected twice as MLA.

Earlier, Lakshmi Parvathi had a soft-corner for Balayya and she always termed him as “innocent” and “helpless”. However, she suddenly changed her tone and unveiled an all-round attack on Balayya as 2024 elections are fast approaching and YSRCP tasted debacle in the recently held graduate MLC polls.

Lakshmi Parvathi asked Balayya to think with his heart like how senior NTR did. She said Balayya is criticising someone who had saved him before when the former was in trouble. Raising the shooting incident at his house in 2004, Lakshmi Parvathi said Balayya was the prime accused in attempt-murder against two people. She said he had forgotten the help he had got then from YSR who was the CM of the state back then.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi Parvathi went onto heap praises on CM Jagan and his governance. She said Jagan is ruling the state with great transparency. He said Balakrishna and TDP are targeting Jagan for no reason. She said even people in Hindupur have largely benefitted in CM Jagan’s government. She said poor cutting across political parties got the welfare schemes of Jagan government.

Lakshmi Parvathi said Chandrababu Naidu is the real “psycho”. She said Chandrababu’s sins have riped and his “end” has come close. As 2024 polls are nearby, Lakshmi Parvathi has become active suddenly and attacking TDP as well as Nara, Nandamuri families. Now, all eyes are on Balakrishna’s reaction and other TDP leaders’ counter to Lakshmi Parvathi.