KCR Fires On Pvt Hospitals; It’s Too Late!

After April, Telangana CM KCR did not speak to the media on Covid-19 and completely went silent. The Telangana High Court had to step in place of the state government and after too many hearings, the state government had to mend to the court’s orders.

But in this gap, a lot has happened. The private hospitals have looted common people in the name of Covid-19 and even stooped down to low by refusing to return the corpse to the victims families over non-payment of hospital bill which was in Lakhs.

The High Court fumed on the state government and asked for a detailed report on the complaints on private hospitals and the action the government has taken.

Amidst this, a discussion on Covid-19 took place in the Telangana Assembly on Wednesday. Opening up for the first time, CM KCR expressed his anger on private hospitals looting people.

“Health minister Eatala worked round the clock and having seen this, I asked him to go to his constituency for a couple of days. But the private hospitals irregularities are not stopping. So we have decided to initiate a taskforce that will look into the matter,” said KCR.

This is a surprise statement from KCR but it’s too late as the virus outbreak is severe in the state. There are many reports that the government is deliberately showing less cases and deaths in its daily bulletin. Even the High Court questioned the government on Covid-19 deaths as daily 8 to 10 deaths are being reported in the bulletin.

Now the million Dollar question is how far will KCR’s words be put into action, is something to be seen.