Telangana: Only 2 New Coronavirus Cases Today

The strict lockdown and containment areas restrictions seem to be working in Telangana, as the state today recorded only two new cases of coronavirus positive, and both the cases are from the GHMC area.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Telangana is 1003, in which 646 are active cases. 16 patients have been cured and discharged today and there were no deaths in the last 24 hours. Telangana has total deaths of 25 due to coronavirus and 332 recoveries so far.

In Telangana, the GHMC area has a large share of cases, 556 out of which 400 are active. The Telangana government is implementing strict lockdown and barricaded the entry and exit to containment areas already. With the by-far-least number of cases recorded in the last 24 hours and if this control of spread continues, the government may look into lifting the lockdown after May 3.

The decision on extension or lifting of lockdown in Telangana is still uncertain and already, many states including Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra have been asking the center to extend the lockdown.

The growing number of cases is worrying the respective state government and there are 28,612 confirmed cases in India, with 20,904 active cases in them. So far 6820 recovered from the virus infection and 888 died due to it.

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