Covid-19 Telangana: Well done Gandhi!

Gandhi is the prime hospital in Telangana and every poor who can’t afford the super specialty facilities, reach here from better treatment. With the outbreak of Corona virus, Gandhi has been converted into Covid-19 hospital.

On March 2nd, the first positive case was reported in the state and since then, the hospital has treated thousands of them. So far 12,000 people got cured and discharged and this is a record. Among the total discharged, 4200 people were put in ICU. This shows how the staff of Gandhi toiled in the lockdown.

There are about 200 doctors and 400 to 500 staff in the hospital and in spite of the inadequate facilities provided by the state government, they continued their work tirelessly. In between, some mishaps took place like attacking doctors and juniors protesting but the treatment for Covid-19 patients continued.

A testing facility and people who were tested positive were immediately put in the ward depending up on the symptoms and every measure was taken with utmost care.

TRS leader Kavitha took to her Twitter handle and appreciated the Gandhi hospital and health minister Eatala Rajender.

That’s how Gandhi hospital stood as a pillar for tackling Covid-19. Hats off!