NTR – 10 Things From His Life Inspirational For Today’s Generation


Legendary NTR’s centenary celebrations threw light on his life and persona. His charismatic persona still inspires millions of people all over the world. The indelible mark he had left behind is phenomenal. Take a look at key things from his life that are inspirational and adaptable for the present generation.

1. Discipline

The most important takeaway from NTR’s life was his utmost discipline and punctuality. He wakes up so early as 3 AM and his day begins then. He strictly follows his discipline and his routine. He makes sure he does a set of some physical exercises and keeps his body and mind fit. 

2. Devotion

NTR and devotion are synonyms. Every individual has a set of beliefs and faiths.  One follows their own religion and beliefs. So is NTR. It is his devotion to God which makes him standout. This one should get inspired from and one should follow their respective idols and ideologies. His devotional angle is what made him a unique persona. 

3. Hard Work 

NTR’s hard work is behind his success. Definitely, he is the most talented. But he is also the most hard working person. This is what made him an iconic star in Telugu cinema and Indian cinema. Even after attaining stardom and reaching to the peak of his career, NTR never left his hard work. He continued this in filmy career and he continued the same in his political career. NTR’s yatra into people in the hot sun shows it all. He had toured across Andhra Pradesh within 9 months of launching his political party.

4. Dynamic Leadership

NTR is known for his dynamism. His leadership skills are highly revered. He fights for the cause he believes in and dares against opponents. Yet, his leadership is inclusive. He led to the introduction of several leaders and politicians to the state and played a pivotal role in their growth. He believed in growing together.

5. Corruption-Free Governance

NTR is against corruption. He is also against wasting public money or using public money for personal use. He always spent his own money for him and his family for their personal needs and never let use the government money or benefits for personal usage. He is known as “miser” as he never used costly infrastructure in his offices and away from luxuries. He never allowed wastage of public money. NTR is strictly against incurring any loss to the public exchequer. This is unheard of in today’s generation. 

6. Pro-People 

NTR is pro-people. He has always stood by the poor and needy people. He fought for the common man and their causes. The introduction of popular schemes like KG rice for Rs 2 and several other populist welfare schemes were started by him to benefit the common people. NTR abolished the hereditary Patel-Patwari system in Telangana in 1985. He also encouraged the BCs welfare and believed in the growth of untrodden communities. 

7. Man Of Principles

NTR is a man of principles. He never deviated from his principles in his lifetime. Even in hardships, he had not broken his principles. This is certainly an inspiring element which becomes a key takeaway for the present generation.

8. Distinction Between Family & Politics

Unlike any other leaders of this generation, NTR made a clear distinction between family and politics. He kept all his children away from involvement in the governance during his tenure as the CM. He also didn’t let any of his family members visit the CMO or secretariat. He thoroughly maintained a clear distinction between politics and family.

9. Man Of Promise

NTR is a man of words. He always keeps his words. No matter what, he never goes back on his word. This shows his commitment and dedication towards his promises and works. This is why NTR’s words are very powerful. He never made illogical promises in elections to win the seats. He made promises that can be achieved and done. That’s why people love him and trust him so much.

10. Love For Language

NTR loved mother tongue Telugu and treated it as one’s own mother. He respected the Telugu land and Telugu people. NTR is always keen on Telugu literature and arts. He encouraged people in various arts and fields. NTR’s love for Telugu and people is behind his slogan “Aatma Gouravam” (Self Respect) and which made him an iconic leader. This is what made him alive in the hearts of people even today.