Mahanadu: TDP’s first set of poll manifesto

chandrababu naidu

The Telugu Desam Party’s Mahanadu was a grand success and more importantly it laid the direction of the leaders with 2024 elections in view. On Sunday night, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu addressed the gathering before conclusion and he made important announcements which will be part of TDP’s 2024 election manifesto.

TDP says that this is the first set of poll promises and more will flow in the coming days. A deep look into these announcements shows TDP has done enough exercise to attract various sections of people and it would certainly make them rethink their thought on whom to vote for in 2024.

Here are the primary six promises Naidu announced at Mahanadu:

·       Rs 1500 per month for women above 18 years under Bhavishyathuku Guarantee (Rs 18,000 per annum and Rs 90,000 in five years)

·       Rs 15,000 per year for every mother under Talliki Vandanam (Salute to Mother) scheme.

·       Free 3 gas cylinders (LPG) per year under the Deepam scheme.

·       Free transport facility for women.

·       20 lakh jobs for youth.

·       Rs 3,000 per month for unemployed youth under Yuva Galam Fund. 

·       Rs 20,000 per year for each farmer.

·       Safe drinking water to every household.

·       To bring in legislation for the safety/ security of the BC community.

However, these schemes need huge financial resources and if implemented, they would burn the state’s exchequer. Political analysts say that this is TDP’s first set of promises and they will be more soaps for the people. If more freebies are offered, people will definitely change their mindset before the elections but will put an unimaginable burden on the state’s finances leading to more debts.

TDP should also lay out a financial weighability (plan) on implementing these schemes to justify themselves.