“Kesineni Nani’s Ultimatum to TDP Leadership: A Looming Departure?”

Kesineni Nani

The absence of Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani at the recently concluded Mahanadu is still being talked about within the Telugu Desam Party. The latest development is that Nani’s episode within the TDP has reached a climax, with the Vijayawada MP giving an ultimatum to the TDP leadership, although not directly.

“I don’t mind if I’m snubbed from being given the B-form in the next elections. But if people wish, I will contest as an independent candidate and prove my mettle. My track record speaks for itself instead of me ranting all the time,” said Kesineni Nani.

Furthermore, the Vijayawada MP added that he is least bothered about how the party will react to his statements. “I’m not scared of anything at the moment (getting suspended from TDP). Whether it’s getting a B-form or whether I will become an MP again, I’m not concerned. As an elected Parliamentarian from Vijayawada, I have done a lot of work, and I’m confident that my work will secure me a comfortable win even as an independent candidate,” added Kesineni.

Lastly, Kesineni commented on changing parties. “I will walk and work with the party that tolerates my mentality; if not, I’m more than happy to fight solo in the elections,” Kesineni concluded.

So, what is Kesineni Nani trying to convey? Is he ready to quit the Telugu Desam Party? And why is the TDP leadership not focusing on Nani and working out the differences with him? Kesineni Nani is a prominent figure, and the party should not lose such valuable leaders.