Telangana Congress – Operation Begins?

Having lost two consecutive Assembly elections, the upcoming elections are a matter of pride and survival for Telangana Congress. However, the differences among the party leaders are troubling the Telangana Congress leadership, and the Congress high command has taken notice of this issue. As a result, many leaders have been called to Delhi recently for counseling sessions to address these differences.

This action from the Congress high command began after the Karnataka Assembly elections. The victory in Karnataka had a significant impact, and with the directives from the Congress high command, the senior leaders of Telangana Congress, particularly those who are against T-PCC chief Revanth Reddy, have set aside their personal agendas and egos. Some senior leaders understand that if Congress loses once again, the party will find it difficult to survive considering KCR’s strategy in dismantling the party in Telangana.

Simultaneously, the T-Congress has initiated “Operation Ghar Wapsi” (Return to the Home Party). The primary objective of Operation Ghar Wapsi has two strategies. First is to welcome leaders who have left the party in the last nine years, including some prominent names. The second is to target leaders who are dissatisfied with the BRS party and the BJP.

Former MP Konda Vishweshwar Reddy and Gaddem Vivek are some of the leaders who have quit Congress, and the T-Congress leadership is reaching out to them. Former minister Jupalli Krishna Rao and Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy were recently expelled from BRS, and they have shown interest in joining Congress. It is rumored that Jupalli might join Congress on June 8th.

Upset leaders in the BJP include Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy and Etela Rajender. Both leaders have a strong foundation and can significantly influence voters/people in the elections. If Congress manages to bring Rajgopal Reddy and Etela Rajender into the party, it would have a substantial impact in Nalgonda (South Telangana) and Karimnagar (North Telangana).

All in all, the Telangana Congress is moving in the right direction ahead of the Assembly elections. Ultimately, the success of Operation Ghar Wapsi and putting up a strong fight will lead to better results in the polls.