IT Growth: AP Stands Nowhere Compared To Telangana

It’s been a decade since the bifurcation of the Telugu states happened, and both states are on their path to development. However, there are a lot of issues in between that are bothering both the ruling governments and the public. If someone says Telangana is progressing in revenue compared to AP, the people from AP argue that bifurcation hit their revenue.

If someone says Telangana is going ahead in terms of IT industries and rapid development in the IT sector, the people from AP also argue that huge investments are in the offing in the state.

However, cut to the present, for the financial year 2022-23, the Telangana government could be able to provide detailed analytics and reports about the development of the IT sector, but the AP government has nothing to divulge.

Telangana IT minister Kalvakuntla Tarakarama Rao released a detailed report about the performance of the IT sector for the financial year 2022-23. Amidst his recent foreign trips for investments and other development programs, the report has garnered a lot of attention.

Hyderabad is being projected as the IT hub in the state. From day one of the emergence of the state, the minister has been taking up various programs and implementing strategies to achieve the goals every financial year. There is a sharp hike in creating employment in the state. In the year 2021-22, Telangana registered 9% increase from the nation’s average in IT exports. Apart from that, there are so many other interesting programs that are being implemented successfully in the state.

If the AP government also give the details of the achievements registered by YS Jagan’s administration, the people of AP are ever ready to appreciate him. But, in reality, everyone knows the truth that Telangana is progressing ahead in all sectors, compared to Andhra pradesh.