Jagan Coming To Razole For Jana Sena MLA

AP CM YS Jagan Reddy will be visiting Razole tomorrow and this is a sort of personal trip. Jagan will be gracing the wedding of Razole MLA Rapaka Varaprasad’s son who will be entering wedlock tomorrow.

Apparently Jana Sena MLA Rapaka displayed his ‘Swami Bhakti’ towards AP CM Jagan by printing pictures of Jagan and his wife Bharti on the wedding invitation cards. The pictures have gone viral on social media and YCP followers were floored by Rapaka’s gesture towards CM Jagan. But Jana Sena was unimpressed with Rapaka and criticised that the MLA is behaving like a ruling party MLA.

Amidst this CM Jagan visiting Razole has gained prominence and Rapaka is hopeful to take political advantage of it. In the 2024 elections, Rapaka is anticipating a ticket from YCP but the local cadre is opposing Rapaka’s dominance in the constituency.

So what will be Rapaka’s political fate in YCP? Will Jagan show mercy?