Vaarahi Will Suffocate YCP More Than Yuva Galam!

Jana Sena president and actor Pawan Kalyan’s electioneering on his Vaarahi, his campaign vehicle, is likely to suffocate the YCP more than TDP scion Nara Lokesh’s Yuva Galam. Political observers say that Pawan’s charisma would draw huge crowds in both the East and West Godavari districts, where he is planning to do intensive campaigning to secure the Kapu votes.

At the same time, Pawan’s speeches would be hard-hitting and would prompt the YCP ministers and even the party president and Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy to react to his questions and logic.

Being a crowd-puller, the YCP leaders fear Pawan would be able to influence the electorate and create a dent in their vote share. In his speeches, Pawan never fails to target the YCP and poses some straight questions that can corner the party leaders and the government’s policies. He also makes it a point to raise the faults of the government which would make it inevitable for the ministers and YCP bigwigs to respond and give an explanation.

Following this statements and counter statements, there would be more political fireworks in the coming days, ahead of the Assembly and general elections, the political observers predicted.

Compared to Yuva Galam’s proceedings, Vaarahi yatra would gain much attention with Pawan drawing public in huge numbers to his meetings and roadshows. Though Lokesh is improving in his public speaking and interaction with them, he is not making it to the headlines on a daily basis but Pawan would definitely grab the attention of the media with his hard-hitting speeches, they said.

As per the reports, Pawan’s Vaarahi yatra is being planned with focus on every detail to ensure that all the Kapu votes get into the Jana Sena’s kitty without fail. All these factors are likely to send jitters down the spine of the YCP.