What’s This One-on-One Formula To Defeat Modi?

The BJP is a strong force to reckon with, and the party is looking to score a hat-trick in the 2024 elections. Amidst the growing prominence of the BJP, all the opposition parties in the country have decided to share a common platform and contest the 2024 polls. Bihar’s capital, Patna, has turned into the stage for the opposition, and on the 23rd of this month, a crucial meeting is scheduled.

From the national media, we hear that the opposition is going to come up with a one-on-one formula to tackle the BJP. Apparently, the opposition is of the opinion not to split the anti-incumbency votes against the BJP, and accordingly, this one-on-one formula has emerged.

The Lok Sabha comprises 543 seats, and the opposition might be placing just one candidate against the BJP in nearly 450 Lok Sabha segments. This way, the opposition believes that the votes do not split and will make the poll contest tough for the BJP.

However, there are cons to this proposal. As many states have regional parties, high priority would be given to them, and in states where the BJP and Congress are the main parties, they will go head-on against each other. In some states, regional parties are going up against the main national parties, i.e., BJP and Congress.

From national media reports, we hear that West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee is said to have proposed this one-on-one formula but needs more extensive discussions to implement it without further political implications.

For the meeting on the 23rd, Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, and Mamata Banerjee have confirmed their presence. The suspense continues regarding the BRS Party’s association with the opposition. Apparently, KCR is in no mood to work with the Congress party, and so he is staying away from this meeting.