‘Yevara Gottamgallu?’ Kesinani Nani Attacks TDP In-Charges

Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani episode in Telugu Desam has reached climax with him aiming words at Vijayawada TDP leaders. On Thursday he took part in a private event and was confronted by the media. He used some harsh words against Devineni Uma, Bonda Uma, Soumya and other leaders calling them ‘Gottamgallu.’

Kesineni’s episode has been going on in TDP for the last one and half years with the rising prominence of his brother Kesineni Chinni. Due to this Nani is not getting the due recognition in seven Assembly segments that fall under his Lok Sabha segment. Also TDP leadership had appointed in-charges for respective constituencies without the knowledge of Kesineni Nani and all of them are maintaining distance from him not following the protocol.

“Yevara Gottamgallu?” said Nani, pointing his finger at the poster which had images of Vijayawada TDP in-charges. He further added that he is not bothered if is not given B-form in the elections. “If people want me to contest, I will do it even as an independent and I’m sure that my work will show the desired result,” said Nani.

When asked about changing the party based on social media rumours, the Vijayawada MP added that he is in touch with many leaders from the BJP, YCP, Congress and even communists but that doesn’t mean I’m switching the party.

These comments from Kesineni Nani are evident that he has made up his mind that he is not fit in TDP but what is his next move? If TDP leadership takes a call on this episode, that would lead to many political consequences in Vijayawada and have an impact in the rest of the state.