TDP-JS Alliance: Nadendla To Face The Real Heat?

Nadendla Manohar

The alliance between the TDP and Jana Sena is almost complete. Only the formal announcement by both the party chiefs is pending. After this, they would discuss the number of seats from which the parties would contest and the constituencies they would share as part of the alliance.

It is at this stage that JS leader Nadendla Manohar is likely to face some trouble. He occupies a commanding position in the party and is next to the party chief and actor Pawan Kalyan. He will have a chance to pick the constituency of his choice to contest during the elections.

All this will be possible only when the Jana Sena goes alone in the polls. If the JS continues in an alliance with the TDP, then it is high impossible for Manohar to get the seat of his choice. It is because Nadendla is asking for such a hot seat.

Since the beginning, Nadendla has been contesting from Tenali. He won twice from the Assembly constituency and lost twice from it. TDP leader and former minister Alapati Rajendra Prasad is likely to contest from the same constituency. Alapati is one among senior leaders in the TDP.

This means Pawan and Chandrababu Naidu are likely to insist on this seat. During the 2019 elections, Nadendla Manohar secured 30,000 votes while Alapatit got 76,000 votes. In such a case, Naidu would not leave the constituency. The TDP will try to field Alapati against the YCP rival Annabattuni Sivakumar as he will give a stiff competition.

Nadendla will not be able to put up tough fight against the YCP candidate, in comparison to Alapati. The TDP candidate has more hold on the constituency than Manohar and even the TDP has significant number of cadre in the constituency, compared to the Jana Sena.

In such a situation, the suspense over the Tenali constituency is raising the anxiety among the TDP cadre. It has to been seen how Naidu and Pawan would resolve the matter, after formally making an announcement about the alliance.