Karnataka’s Hero To Enter Telangana?

The Congress party in Karnataka registered a thumping victory and majority of the credit had gone to Sunil Kanugolu who is the political strategist of the Congress party. From doing extensive surveys on political and poll mood in Karnataka and finalizing the candidates, Sunil played a pivotal role. This strategy paid off and Congress formed a government in Karnataka.

With this, the Congress high command has decided to utilize the services of Sunil in Telangana which will be going for the Assembly elections in October or November. Already the poll mood has intensified in Telangana and the Telangana Congress is stubborn to upset the BRS in the polls. Accordingly Sunil was deployed and from media reports we hear that he had done surveys in all the 119 Assembly segments in Telangana.

This survey was submitted to the Congress high command and with T-PCC leadership, the discussions are going on seriously within the party. We hear that Sunil has finalized the names of 70 candidates who have high chances of winning. Ex-ministers, MLAs and prominent leaders are part of this list but the names are disclosed to the media.

For the remaining 49 Assembly constituencies, Sunil suggested three to four names and the final call will be taken by Congress high command with due consultation from T-PCC chief Revanth Reddy. In undivided Nalgonda district, names for 8 Assembly constituencies have been finalized while in Khammam, five places were zeroed up. But in case Ponugleti Srinivas Reddy joins the Congress party, these equations could change. Ponguleti vowed to defeat BRS in Khammam and T-PCC chief Revanth Reddy is keen to use Ponguleti’s political experience.

In Warangal and Karimnagar, Sunil suggested names for six and five constituencies respectively. Overall the Congress folks say that more than half of 119 tickets have been confirmed and Sunil will work on the remaining in the coming days.

Telangana Congress lost two consecutive elections and 2023 is a matter of pride. This time Revanth Reddy is in no mood to take chances and is seriously working to outset the BRS. But an undesired result will push Congress into a deep mess.