Nadda, Shah AP Tour: Pawan Waiting For Invitation?

The Andhra Pradesh BJP has scheduled consecutive meetings in the state on June 10th and 11th, with BJP National President JP Nadda and Union Minister Amit Shah as the respective chief guests. However, it has come to light that the BJP’s ally, Jana Sena party, and its leader Pawan Kalyan, have not received any invitations for these gatherings.

Speaking on the matter, AP BJP leader CM Ramesh clarified that these meetings are focused on the BJP and will highlight the governance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the past nine years. He acknowledged that Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena leaders were not invited.

The absence of an invitation has caused unrest within a section of the Jana Sena party. However, some members remain hopeful that an invitation may be extended to them during Amit Shah’s tour of Vizag on Sunday. On the other hand, there are Jana Sena leaders who claim they are indifferent to whether or not they receive an invitation, as they believe the party will eventually decide on the alliance independently.

Political analysts view these meetings as significant in determining the fate of the BJP-JSP alliance. All eyes are now on Amit Shah, as the question remains whether he will extend an invitation to Pawan Kalyan and thereby resolve the uncertainty between the two parties.