No Salaries For AP Covid-19 Warriors Since Two Months

To tackle the Covid-19 in AP, the YSRCP government has recruited 1,170 specialist doctors, 1,170 general duty medical officers, 2,000 staff nurses and 306 anaesthesia technicians in May month. But this is a contract job and the time period is one year.

And AP has been reporting close to 10K cases every day over the last one and half months. These contract doctors, medical officers and supporting staff are toiling day and night to save the lives of Covid-19 patients.

However, their hardwork is not being paid off. The YCP government has failed to pay the salaries of these contract doctors and medical officers and staff since two months. Now they are finding it difficult to survive as they are left with no money and are unable to pay rents and food for themselves.

On this a government officer commented that they are waiting for the attendance of the health personnel for Covid-19 from their higher officers. Once this is cleared, the salaries would be credited.

But how can the government hold the salaries of health workers for two months and why there is no progress in getting the attendance clearance, are some of the questions unanswered.

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is upset with this and tweeted, “Our COVID-19 warriors are risking their lives to save people. Instead of supporting them, an inhuman YSRCP Govt has repeatedly broken their morale and demotivated them.”

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