Will TDP Show The Same Maturity As Pawan Shown?

Jana Sena chief K. Pawan Kalyan did a good thing by asking his party men to restrain from showing off their supremacy over the TDP cadre.

suggested that his party cadre do not insult the TDP men or show their high-handedness towards them.

“Just because we are standing support to the TDP in a crisis time, it does not mean we are great. Showing our high-handedness is not the correct spirit,” he said.

He asked them to abstain from personal abuse or insulting the TDP leaders either on social media or in the open. “Do not make comments that would lower the confidence or morale of the party leaders just because their leader is behind the bars.”

The TDP has its own strength, he said.

The JS chief said that he was ready for trolling and criticism but made it clear that he was committed saving Andhra Pradesh.

These supporting words would mean a lot to someone in crisis. Now, will the TDP leaders and activists also respond in the same manner?

It should be seen how the cadre of both the Jana Sena and the TDP would work in coordination and reach their goal in the upcoming elections.