What’s The Latest Survey Reports After Naidu’s Arrest

The arrest of TDP leader Chandrababu Babu has sparked a significant national discussion, with many political analysts suggesting that Jagan made a strategic error by arresting Chandrababu just six months before the upcoming elections.

They opine that this arrest could mark the beginning of Jagan’s decline, and TDP might secure victory in the forthcoming elections due to the sympathy generated for Chandrababu.

On the other hand, some argue that Jagan already mastered the art of gaining sympathy and successfully ascended to the position of Chief Minister through this approach. There’s speculation that Jagan’s strategy involves the arrest of Chandrababu followed by Lokesh.

It’s rumored that Jagan aims to demoralize the TDP cadre through these arrests. Against this backdrop, the C voter’s survey on the state’s political scenario post Chandrababu’s arrest has unveiled noteworthy findings. The survey indicated a surge in sympathy towards TDP after Chandrababu’s arrest.

According to the survey, the people of Andhra Pradesh believe that Chandrababu’s arrest was a result of a political conspiracy. This turn of events has evidently heightened Jagan’s sense of insecurity.

The survey predicts that Chandrababu’s arrest will strongly influence the upcoming elections, suggesting a likelihood of him becoming the CM with the Janasena alliance. However, it also conveyed that leaders of the YCP downplayed the potential damage caused by Chandrababu’s arrest.