Twirling Mustaches, Slapping Thighs: Balayya And Ambati Trending On Top

The assembly session on Thursday heated up with the topic of Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest. While the TDP’s demand for the government’s explanation went sidetracked YCP’s Ambati and TDP’s Balayya got the war of words.

The TDP MLAs surrounded the speaker podium demanding the debate on Chandrababu’s arrest and the TDP leader Balayya twirled his mustache and slapped his thigh. Later the speaker made an announcement on Balayya’s unwated gestures before suspending him.

Meanwhile, Ambati Rambabu tried to object to TDP’s slogans and protests in the assembly by asking them not to provoke the YCP MLAs to avoid an unwanted situation. Ambati Rambabu asked Balayya to twirl the mustache in films and not in assembly, which quickly escalated to a counter from the actor-politician with more gestures.

The heated argument between the MLAs turned into a hot topic on social media and both their names are trending on top with a few videos going viral. Balayya later spoke with the media explaining why he had to strike his thigh and said Ambati insulted his profession before making gestures like pointing fingers at him.